Free Online Guitar Tuner

free online guitar tunerUse our free online guitar tuner to quickly tune your acoustic guitar, electric guitar or bass guitar. For best results, click on the string you need to tune, and set the volume. Take as long as you like to get your string in tune. Our free online guitar tuner will only tune to a standard guitar tuning, EADGBE, and will not tune to alternate tunings.

If you’re a beginner at guitar, try memorizing the sound of the guitar strings, and the sound of an in-tune guitar. This way you can immediately recognize when your guitar is out of tune. For more advanced guitarists, just use the 6th string from our online guitar tuner as a reference, then use relative tuning to finish tuning your guitar to itself. You can always use our online guitar tuner to check how accurate you are at tuning your own guitar.

Guitar Tuner from GTDB


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