Wonderful Tonight – Live Guitar Cover – Eric Clapton

This Wonderful Tonight live guitar cover by Eric Clapton was performed by myself and two of my guitar students at a local house concert in Long Beach, CA. My students who have been taking guitar lessons for some time now, prepared for about a month to learn four songs to play start to finish for a large audience of smiling parents, grandparents, uncles, and friends. This Wonderful Tonight live guitar cover was just one of those songs.

Wonderful Tonight is a great song written by Eric Clapton about one of his many loves.

Click here to download the guitar chords and lyrics to Wonderful Tonight.

This live guitar cover is just one example of the many live performances I host to help kids overcome anxiety, and overcome their fears of public performance. It really helps them to break out of their shells, and become a better performer, and of course a better musician.

Everlong – Guitar Cover – Foo Fighters

This Everlong guitar cover by the Foo Fighters is rich with musicality. The pop/rock song offers up Drop-D tuning (DADGBe), and complex parts that are both fun to play and a blast to listen to.

Everlong was written by Nirvana’s former drummer, Dave Grohl who re-invented his music into something post-grungy to create a classic, unforgettable sound.

Click here to download the guitar chords and lyrics to Everlong.

Click here to download the guitar tab to Everlong.


Hometown Glory Live – Adele – Piano Cover

This Hometown Glory live piano cover by Adele was performed by a piano student of mine and myself. We played in front of an audience for the second time, which helped boost her confidence, and certainly made her practice a lot!

Besides the intro, Hometown Glory by Adele is a relatively easy song to play from start to finish, with literally one basic part throughout the entire song. Because the song only has one real part to it, it’s best to play it with dynamics and varied volume to get a feel for the emotional content of the song.

Click here to watch Shayna play Mad World by Gary Jules. 

Mad World Live – Gary Jules Piano Cover

Mad World is a song that was originally written by Tears For Fears but covered many times. This Mad World live cover was arranged by Gary Jules and made famous by the movie “Donnie Darko”.

This Mad World live vocal cover and piano cover by Gary Jules was performed at a coffeehouse in Seal Beach, CA at a show I setup specifically for my students. The girl in the video playing the live piano cover of Mad World is only 8 years old. The live performance events helps students gain confidence, boost self-esteem, and of course practice harder than ever.

Yes, there are a few mistakes, but to really see the beauty in this video, you should understand that my piano student is only 8 years old, and this is only her second time performing in front of a live audience. When you factor that in, it becomes clear that she’s actually pretty good.

Click here to watch Shayna play Hometown Glory live.